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Tenant Representation

We convert our market knowledge into client advantage, providing the best creative solutions to take advantage of market conditions and opportunities. Tenant Representation puts you in the driver's seat - you have the balance of power. Only a reputable commercial broker can offer you the expertise necessary to make your real estate requirements a success.

The key to successful tenant representation is knowledge - knowledge about the client's business plan, operational issues, funding, employee base, and more. Cumberland Commercial combines our dedication to each client's interests with our thorough understanding of the Nashville metro area and our knowledge of the economy and current commercial real estate trends.

Cumberland Commercial looks beyond rental rates, through terms and conditions and pulls each opportunity apart prior to presenting it to our clients. Our entire executive leasing team is an integral part of this process, lending critical perspectives to the evaluations of facility and construction issues with lease negotiation. The end result is a selection of meaningful choices for our clients that will meet their short and long term goals.

Why Nashville Tenant Representation?

Because it levels the incredibly uneven playing field of tenant/landlord negotiation in commercial real estate. Even as a seasoned and savvy negotiator, it will help you to recognize the benefits that you receive when you bring in an expert to offset the tremendous advantage that sellers and landlords possess.

How Will a Tenant Rep Save You Money?

The leasing process is generally complex. After labor costs, your outlay in office space expense may be your most expensive line item and decisions you make will have an impact on your company's profitability.

Market knowledge is the key ingredient in which a qualified tenant representative can make a big difference. Having a firm grasp on asking rates versus actual rates and knowing what incentives are available is essential to making sure you get the best terms available.

A qualified tenant representative understands the numbers and is able translate data into implications for your business - advice on growth strategy within a particular building or market, for example. Our tenant representatives are able to perform the necessary financial analysis to help you select the most cost effective location. This is a definite advantage when it comes to lease renewals, too.

Familiarity with the documents is a must. An expert tenant representative must have a working knowledge of the TAR leasing documents necessary to conduct the transaction. These documents include requests for proposal, letters of intent, lease agreements and work letters and vary from developer to development. Cumberland tenant representatives know how to customize these documents to meet your needs.