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Land brokerage is an information business: Our commercial brokers and research analysts are in constant contact with a wide array of dealmakers, developers, homebuilders, investors, engineers, city planners and most importantly - private landowners. Our collaborative team effort means we share information with each other so our clients reap the benefits and knowledge of the entire company. Good information translates into better forecasts and ultimately, better decisions. Cumberland Commercial Partners provides comprehensive land brokerage services, which include:

   Ø  Acquisition & Disposition
   Ø  Investment
   Ø  Strategic Planning
   Ø  Site Selection - Feasibility Studies
   Ø  Property Management
   Ø  Leasing Services

Land brokerage is a complex and multi-faceted niche in the business of real estate. Unlike most improved property, land value analysis is complicated by the multitude of uses to which a given tract might be put. A land broker must possess explicit knowledge about local land ordinances, zoning and environmental issues. Land brokerage is a highly specialized niche in the real estate business and your broker has to be extremely well connected within the local financial and political communities.

Tennessee Farms and Ranches

The real estate broker dealing in farm and ranch brokerage would need to develop a very unique skill set. Valuation and marketing of farms and ranches is vastly different than any other type of real estate.

From crop rotation and weather cycles to over-grazing and water rights, there are a number of extremely important factors that determine the value of this type of property. Knowing local zoning and regulations for determining conversion uses would also be quite important.

Undeveloped Tracts of Land

Large tracts of undeveloped land, particularly those getting closer to the borders of fast-growing urban areas, represent a significant portion of land transfer transactions. Whether on the Buyer or Seller side of this type of transaction, a broad knowledge base in local business trends, employment, urban growth patterns, land use regulations and development costs would be critical. The ability to negotiate in the corporate environment would be important also.

Land in Transition or Early Development Stages

From closed military bases to tracts set aside for specific development purposes, again we find a need for specialized knowledge and skill sets on the part of the land broker. In many of these cases, the purpose or generally allowed purpose(s) of the tract are already decided. Knowledge in the economic viability of the approved uses and the costs of development would be required. Governmental and tax incentives play a role here also. The successful broker will have knowledge in these areas.

Subdivision and Lot Wholesaling

Many developers prefer to purchase an undeveloped tract, get the approvals, subdivide it and install utilities, roads and other infrastructure. They then use a land broker to wholesale the lots to builders for construction of homes and other facilities. A planned community concept might allow not only homes but limited shopping facilities and some hospital or other institutional uses. This land broker would need commercial and residential expertise as well as be able to market to builders.

Site Location and Assembling Parcels

This highly specialized niche would require the land broker to locate parcels for a specific buyer or purpose. Many times this requires negotiations with various owners to acquire enough adjacent land for the proposed project or development. An example would be a major retail chain using a land broker to acquire land from multiple sources on which to place a new store location.

The success of the Cumberland Commercial Partners brand is built upon an industry leading client network that includes investors seeking all forms of real estate investments. Strategically located in the Nashville/Brentwood areas, our firm leverages our increasing share of regional growth and commercial brokerage on your behalf. Homebuyers have recognized the relative affordability that the area provides, retailers have followed the strength of this growth, and industrial developers are beginning to notice the existing infrastructure which naturally supports logistics development. The successful acquisition of Corporate Realty Advisors has allowed for several key advantages for our clients. The combined experience in brokerage, entitlement, development and strategic land planning, along with our ability adjust key strategies; with our additional market share have opened new doors. Our sheer economies of scale now allow us to build upon the success that has made us recognized as one of the area's leading land brokerage firms.

Tennessee Land For Sale

Our Tennessee land search and brokerage experience covers a variety of acreages including 1,000+ acre commercial development land, mountaintop land, wooded land, water frontage land, meadow land, pasture and farmland.